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Acen 2010!
Jae Joong hero blonde
I attended Acen for the first time this past weekend! I got to dress up in three of my Lolita dresses which made me happy, too bad I can't dress up all the time like this without getting massive amounts of stares haha! I should just throw caution to the wind and do what I want!

Day 1 Outfit:

Day 2 Outfit:

Day 3 Outfit:

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When I see people dressed in the lolita outfits like yours, I always think of giant rainbow lollipops... haha

Its your turn to turn into a lollipop! Think about it, we could be part of the lollipop guild!

You are so cute!!
I haven't seen you on LJ for a while!
How are you?

Hey Jin! I'm good! How are you?! I didn't get a chance to send you a letter yet, but I plan to this week...I've been a bit busy lately. So sorry!

OMg you look so cute!!!!! Even the hair is perfect. I gotta say the red is my fav. I hope acen was good this year, as I've been hearing it has either been "smeh." or "the same."

Thanks:D!! Yeah I liked Acen and since I've never been there before everything was new to me! I would like to go again I think ^o^!

aw! cutie♥♥
i am so happy to see that miracle candy JSK on you, you are so perfect for it!

Hey thanks! I really love the dress!

that's wonderful. i always thought it would look kind of weird on me~ but you are uber cute!

how are you doing? :3

Thanks again! I'm doing pretty good! I just recently got the Milky-chan the Fawn OP in brown! I would like to get one of the new prints but alas I don't have enough money T_T. How are you?!

aw, milky chan! :3 yeah, i know, milky planet is cuuute. i am doing okay! going to be in wisconsin for a bit~ :3 i should stalk you!

Oh really! Stalking me would be kind of funny! Also a bit scary...haha! What part of Wisconsin are you visiting?

green bay~ i am here already. :3

Oh wow that is pretty close to where I am! I live in Kaukauna which is about 20-25 min away!Are you visiting a friend?

my SO. :3 it is very close!!
next time i am there, i will drop seroogy's chocolate bars (nomnom) at your doorstep. :3 that is, if you like chocolates!

Of course I like chocolate! We should meet up next time you are in the area!

(Deleted comment)
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