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╰☆╮Merry Making Party╰☆╮
Jae Joong hero blonde
Yay! I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I got the last Merry Making Party navy OP from the Angelic Pretty English site! I just happened to check the site at like 2am and the new print was released! Right after I checked out, I checked back on the site and refreshed the page and the OP was sold out. I'm so lucky! I also happened to have the money to actually purchase the dress. This is the first time I was able to purchase a dress directly from Angelic Pretty and not from someone online! I am very very excited!

Update: I was also able to get the matching headbow, which was posted later on the site!

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Wow! Congrats~ Haha, I feel so awesome any time I nab something off the English site xD

Thanks XD! This is the first time I was able to buy anything off of the Angelic Pretty Website, I usually don't have any money or if I do I miss out on the new prints. All the dresses I have so far were bought off the comm, I'm so excited to finally get to be the first owner of a dress haha!

I know that feeling! It's scary for me when I get a brand new dress cause I'm so use to 2nd hand I feel like I'll ruin it~ xD

This is going to look really good. It's so happy and cheery -like! Perfect for a spring or summer picnic :) Congrats on the nab.

Thanks! Yeah it is pretty cheery! ^o^! I hope I look ok in it haha! Any plans on getting any Merry Making Party stuff for yourself?

I'm sooo poor right now ;_; plus I'm more neo-victorian / steam loli. You can carry this style off pretty well, as I gather from looking at your other pictures. But OMG that bow!!!! <3

Awwwe that sucks! Usually I'm pretty broke too, but I just happened to get some extra money recently...I'll be back to being broke soon though haha! Thanks for the compliment, yeah I don't think I look TOO bad in the the sweet style. I haven't posted many outfits because I'm trying to get a wardrobe together slowly so I can create better outfits and not look like a complete fool or newbie haha. Its odd though because aside from lolita I tend to lean towards black or dark a lot when wearing regular clothes XD! Have you ever posted on daily lolita? I did twice only. I hope to do so more in the future to get some good critiques.

I too adore the headbow! I was confirmed by AP and paid for the OP already, but I still haven't received a confirmation e-mail from AP yet about the headbow...I really hope I am able to get it so the set is complete! I keep checking my e-mail constantly...I think I have a problem....

I hope you get it. It would bug me too to not have a complete set. You have nice dark hair, which will go really well with the blue. I really need help styling outfits. I never know what I should put with what. People online would probably be like " GET OUT!" I've been digging KERA though for ideas!

Thanks! Hahaha! I feel the same way and I also look in Kera for ideas! I don't think you have anything to fear about what people would say about you, especially after seeing your photo shoot! You looked great and I can tell you are really into fashion! My fear is that I will show up on loli secrets and someone will say something horrible about how I look and "what in the hell is she thinking?!" I'm not good with styling my hair either....I've also been tempted lately to buy a wig to coordinate with some of my lighter outfits, but I don't know. Do you do the whole "wig" thing?

I like wigs because it's easier to change and looks really nice! But the longer the wig is, the easier all that gets tangled up >:/ Plus I have a lot of hair (like you I think) and it gets difficult to keep it all pinned under there, even with a cap. Just make sure the wig is styled and groomed nice (and all of that can be a bother). I wish I could link you to the convo on the cosplay comm about people's preference for wigs vs. no wig.

Yeah if I do get a wig I want to get a decent quality one. I heard Cyperous is pretty good, but a bit expensive. I'll have to do some seaching on cgl and egl to see what people have to say about wigs haha thanks!

Wow! It is really pretty!! Glad you got it!!

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