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Kitsune Kon 2011 Outfits!
Jae Joong hero blonde
Went to the first annual Kitsune Kon about a month and a half ago (yeah, I take forever to update sometimes XD)! I went with my cousin Morgan all three days and hung out with a few people we knew whom we saw once we got there. I also met up with a local lolita, Mandy, whom I had been talking with a lot online! She was very nice. We hung out with her friend as well and we all went to get some food to eat, which was delicious! I had a grilled cheese, can't go wrong with that hehe! We walked around a lot and were able to attend the cosplay contest which was really funny and cool! I would like to compete one year if I got the guts. All-in-all it was a great weekend and the best part was feeling like part of a group when we hung out with people! I don't have many close friends so these occasions are rare for me and I really take them to heart. I wore three different outfits but was only able to get decent pictures of the the first two since I didn't realize until later that my camera had a smudge on the lens! On Friday I wore my Milky-Chan the Fawn OP, Saturday I wore Merry Making Party OP, and Sunday I wore my red AP Candy-Alice Chan OP! I wore a wig for the first time with my MMP outfit, which wasn't too bad haha! I'm used to my regular hair more, but I wouldn't mind trying some more wigs in the future ^o^! Here are some pics:

Making kind of a weird face here haha!

Last dress photo with another fellow lolita, which is a bit blurry XD I'm on the Left.

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Awww you are nice too! <3 :D

Whoa! that wig is mega cute!

How was the con? I know it was small and I kinda wanted to check it out, but work made that a bit difficult(even if it is just 35 minutes away). I'm curious to see how it went XD


That sucks you couldn't get out of work T_T. The con was decent for a small con, the best day to go was probably Saturday because that is when the most people were there and the most was going on. It was fun just to hang out with a lot of local people with similar interests and have an excuse to dress up! I actually saw a lot of people I knew there surprisingly, which made me happy. That was the good thing about having a local con! The vendor area was kinda small but not surprising for their first year probably. There was also a dance Saturday night that a lot of people seemed to have went to, I kind of just went in and checked it out then left because I'm not a dancer hehe! I will be going next year for sure if that says anything, hopefully you will be able to make it then!

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