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Geek Kon 2011!
Jae Joong hero blonde
This year was my first year attending Geek Kon in Madison WI and it was decent! Anytime I am able to wear Lolita is a happy time for me so yeah haha! I went with a few other people and met some nice new friends, something that doesn't happen too often to a shy awkward person like me. I was able to get pictures of my first two dresses but we left kind of early on Sunday so I wasn't able to get a picture of my third dress which was Aatp Vampire Requiem dress....I added an early photo of me in the dress! ^^

Met a Madison lolita, Lauren, she was very nice! ^^
I'm wearing my Milky-chan the Fawn OP (Left) and she is wearing her Magical Etoile Jsk (Right)!

Sugary Carnival goodness!
Me (Left) Lauren (Right)

My friend Mike and I, taken at the photo booth setup! ^^
He is a Zombie Killer!

Lastly, the Vampire Requiem dress from an early day! ^^


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It was really nice meeting you! It's too bad I missed seeing you on Sunday, your VR coord is lovely!

It was nice meeting you too! ^^ I too was very sad not to be able to see you on Sunday T_T What did you end up wearing that day?

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