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Geek Kon 2011!

This year was my first year attending Geek Kon in Madison WI and it was decent! Anytime I am able to wear Lolita is a happy time for me so yeah haha! I went with a few other people and met some nice new friends, something that doesn't happen too often to a shy awkward person like me. I was able to get pictures of my first two dresses but we left kind of early on Sunday so I wasn't able to get a picture of my third dress which was Aatp Vampire Requiem dress....I added an early photo of me in the dress! ^^

Met a Madison lolita, Lauren, she was very nice! ^^
I'm wearing my Milky-chan the Fawn OP (Left) and she is wearing her Magical Etoile Jsk (Right)!

Sugary Carnival goodness!
Me (Left) Lauren (Right)

My friend Mike and I, taken at the photo booth setup! ^^
He is a Zombie Killer!

Lastly, the Vampire Requiem dress from an early day! ^^

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Kitsune Kon 2011 Outfits!

Went to the first annual Kitsune Kon about a month and a half ago (yeah, I take forever to update sometimes XD)! I went with my cousin Morgan all three days and hung out with a few people we knew whom we saw once we got there. I also met up with a local lolita, Mandy, whom I had been talking with a lot online! She was very nice. We hung out with her friend as well and we all went to get some food to eat, which was delicious! I had a grilled cheese, can't go wrong with that hehe! We walked around a lot and were able to attend the cosplay contest which was really funny and cool! I would like to compete one year if I got the guts. All-in-all it was a great weekend and the best part was feeling like part of a group when we hung out with people! I don't have many close friends so these occasions are rare for me and I really take them to heart. I wore three different outfits but was only able to get decent pictures of the the first two since I didn't realize until later that my camera had a smudge on the lens! On Friday I wore my Milky-Chan the Fawn OP, Saturday I wore Merry Making Party OP, and Sunday I wore my red AP Candy-Alice Chan OP! I wore a wig for the first time with my MMP outfit, which wasn't too bad haha! I'm used to my regular hair more, but I wouldn't mind trying some more wigs in the future ^o^! Here are some pics:

Making kind of a weird face here haha!

Last dress photo with another fellow lolita, which is a bit blurry XD I'm on the Left.
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Drawing, Hair, Necklace, etc.

I'm trying to get into a drawing mood, so today I went out and bought some nice paper and some more pencils! I already have paper and such but I figured I'd just get a different type to get myself excited and whatnot. Speaking of which I should probably be doing that instead of writing on here....hehehe...

Anyway, yesterday I finally got my hair cut after debating about it for a long time. I worry a lot about even the smallest things -_- so this was a real achievement for me haha! I like how it turned out and I think I like having bangs better!:D

Also, earlier this week I received my long awaited Moi-même-Moitié Rose Chain Necklace in the mail! Its is very pretty and I really like it a lot! I ordered it from CDJapan, which took them forever to send! I had also ordered a pair of socks along with the necklace which I found out after waiting a week and a half were no loner available! ANGER! I'm over it now though since I at least got the necklace!:D

Its been a pretty decent week. I was even able to use my graphic design abilities to work on a few things for a website company that a former co-worker of mine owns! I don't want to let my degree and artistic abilities go to waste, which it sometimes feels like I do! If I can just immerse myself constantly in creative things I don't think that will happen. Now, time to focus on drawing!
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Recent Daily Lolita Post Pics!

I wore lolita a few times in the last several months so I decided to update my posts here with a few pictures I posted on Daily Lolita! I laugh looking at all these together, my smile is exactly the same in all of them haha! I know my petti is showing in the first pick XD, which was unitentional, but I still like the picture so yeah.

Merry Making Party!
DL Link: http://community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/3887197.html

Sugary Carnival!
DL Link: http://community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/3983079.html

AP Tartan combo!
DL Link: http://community.livejournal.com/daily_lolita/4015530.html

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Sugary Carnival Headbow!

I recently bought AP's Sugary Carnival Jsk in Sax and was looking for the headbow to match it. It is not an easy thing to find and it is very expensive when you do! Luckily I was able to find it on Yahoo!Japan auctions and was able to win it! YAY! I used Celga's shopping service and everything went perfectly! I also won a Rilakkuma mug from them to my surprise! I will definitely be using their service for my future needs ^o^!

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Kitsune Kon Fall Ball Outfit & Closeups!

I went to a small ball near my town called Kitsune Kon Fall Ball. I wore my Memorial Cake OP with a long-sleeved blouse underneath. It was pretty cold so I'm glad I decided to do that! I couldn't find anyone to go with so I had my mom come with me. My boyfriend and best friend had to work. Other than them I don't know too many people and don't have a ton of friends. The plight of being a loner and socially inept haha! I'll have more pictures in a bit...still need to develop some film. Yes, I still have a film camera! I also have a digital one but I can't find it at the moment so I had to use my handycam to take these pictures. It was nice to be able to sit and listen to some music. I'm not much of a dancer so I didn't participate in that XD! Plus I don't like to draw attention to myself, I just like to dress in Lolita which happens to draw attention. I wish it didn't but what can one do? I like what I like. Plus I like being a bit different from the norm.

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Holy Queen!

I recently was able to obtain Moi-même-Moitié's Holy Queen! I really really wanted to have a chance to wear it, so today since I was off I decided to gussy up and head outdoors! I went to a local nature center towards sunset and had my boyfriend take a few pictures!

Dress: Moi-même-Moitié
Blouse: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: Offbrand
Shoes/Socks: Offbrand

Close Up!

Side shot (a bit blurry)XD
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╰☆╮Merry Making Party╰☆╮

Yay! I'm so excited! I'm pretty sure I got the last Merry Making Party navy OP from the Angelic Pretty English site! I just happened to check the site at like 2am and the new print was released! Right after I checked out, I checked back on the site and refreshed the page and the OP was sold out. I'm so lucky! I also happened to have the money to actually purchase the dress. This is the first time I was able to purchase a dress directly from Angelic Pretty and not from someone online! I am very very excited!

Update: I was also able to get the matching headbow, which was posted later on the site!

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Acen 2010!

I attended Acen for the first time this past weekend! I got to dress up in three of my Lolita dresses which made me happy, too bad I can't dress up all the time like this without getting massive amounts of stares haha! I should just throw caution to the wind and do what I want!

Day 1 Outfit:

Day 2 Outfit:

Day 3 Outfit: